During the past month, Nueva Mente cooperative members ventured out of Morón and took their wares to two fairs or ferias: the Feria Puro Diseño and the Feria del Cooperativismo. This was a first attempt at selling the products (mostly wallets) they had manufactured using the hotpress, and every single product was sold, which is truly amazing!

Feria Wallets

But what’s even more amazing …

is the contract the cooperative just signed with the Municipality of Morón to produce 50 trash bins for an area around a local reservoir that is being rehabilitated. This is a major step forward because the local government is now recognizing Nueva Mente as a legitimate manufacturing operation, not simply a recycling cooperative, which is exactly where all of us want to be. Kudos to everyone involved!

Trash Bin

By the way, the team that is working with the hotpress has donned a new name for their project – Proyecto Contenido Prensado or Project Contents under Pressure ….

Product Card Insert