About Waste for Life

Waste for Life is a loosely joined network of scientists, engineers, educators, designers, and cooperatives working together to develop poverty reducing solutions to specific environmental problems. We use scientific knowledge and low-threshold/high-impact technologies to add value to resources . . .



What’s Happening

Waste for Life has three ongoing projects – in Sri Lanka, Argentina and, now, the US. We have team members and collaborators in each country, but the ultimate beneficiaries of our work are always the community groups, cooperatives, and compañeros in struggle that we have worked alongside since 2007.

Project Sri Lanka: Yaal Fibre

Project Sri Lanka: Senasuma Recycling Center

Project Sri Lanka: Paalam Products

Project Sri Lanka: Katana Upcycle

Standing People Together Program: Critical Conversations

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Waste for Life’s work is supported by international teams of university faculty and student researchers



All of our projects rely on partnerships, and few are more essential than those we make with local universities that support our communities with research and development. The model is always the same: we look for a university that has an engineering, industrial or product design

bailey commons

The Bailey Commons

In the winter of 2020 we began working with the Sullivan County Land Bank to help revitalize a 4-acre wooded property in Monticello, NY that had become a hazardous dumping ground. Progress, of course, was subject to fits and...
It's Not Fair

The Hub

We haven't been back to Buenos Aires since 2014, which is going on 9 years now. Of the many things that have stayed with us and continue to inspire us are the examples of the Worker-Recuperated Enterprises. This is not simply...

Forest Exploratorium

So, after a couple of years of planning and preparing, we are now half-way through our very first Sullivan County based Forest Exploratorium for kids! Our eight-week Saturday Forest Play sessions for K-6 have as a recurring theme, ‘The power of myth and the forces of...

I’m no good at maths and never will be . . .

For most of my adult life I’ve been teaching University students who are great at math. Even if they are slow on the uptake about the potential impact of their work on the environment and on others, they are great at sums . . .


Our community

Our Waste for Life partners comprise an international network of people who pool their talents and resources to develop inventive, community driven, needs-based technologies. We freely disseminate …

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Waste for Life
We just received a generous Community Development grant from #Sullivan180 to support our newest theatre project, On Belonging, and are looking for playwrights, wanna be playwrights, never thought I'd write a play playwrights - you get the picture - who have something to say or some inchoate feeling they'd like to express about belonging. Not more than 15 minutes performance time. Submission due date: May 30th. ... See MoreSee Less