May 10, 2018 :
: by wasteforlife |
Trust: a conversation

Standing People Together – WFL’s newest program – and Build UP ( are hosting a 3-day event June 14th-16th. Working with community: Critical conversations about trust bubbled up as a topic at the January 2018 Engineering, Social Justice and Peace conference in San Diego, and we felt it was a subject that deserved more time and attention. Anyone working at the community level knows that trust anchors the relationships that are crucial to co-creating programs, which are equitable, participatory, and durable. It is, however, risky for communities to trust us, hard for us to determine the extent of trust we should reach out with, and difficult for us to know how to gain a necessary level of trust – indeed whether we should even aim for it at all: problematics that will surely drive these conversations, which many of us feel are urgently needed.

We’ll update with pictures, highlights, and insights …. this first gathering at Cala Munda, our Forest Exploratorium.