Waste for Life is built on partnerships

Our Waste for Life partners comprise an international network of people who pool their talents and resources to develop inventive, community driven, needs-based technologies. We freely disseminate those technologies and apply them where we can to help redress the social and ecological injustices that disproportionately affect people who live on society’s margins.

Our network is eclectic and cooperative because we know that problems know no disciplinary boundaries.

Facebook stories

We just received a generous Community Development grant from #Sullivan180 to support our newest theatre project, On Belonging, and are looking for playwrights, wanna be playwrights, never thought I'd write a play playwrights - you get the picture - who have something to say or some inchoate feeling they'd like to express about belonging. Not more than 15 minutes performance time. Submission due date: May 30th. ... See MoreSee Less
Eyeglass case and the raw sheet it was fashioned from ... See MoreSee Less
Notebook from waste plastic and fabric ... See MoreSee Less
All-purpose snap pouch made from waste plastic and chip wrappers ... See MoreSee Less