Eric was determined that the better market would be the design/art clientele. I decided the local market in San Telmo was our thing. At 35 pesos average price in our survey at the market on Sunday I was satisfied and would need some serious convincing to look elsewhere. Today, Erica and I visited a nearby art gallery and a fashion store that sells local artists’ goods and. Both sold objects made from recyclables. We spoke to the owner of the gallery who was immediately delighted by the wallet, loved its style but loved even more that it was made by cartoneros and was made from 100% locally recycled material. She offered to buy the samples then and there for a price that was significantly higher than we could have fetched at the market. They would clearly take their commission, but she told us this would be reduced as she wanted to support the cooperatives and tell their story. The gallery itself has a philosophy to support social art groups at the margins. She only asked that we would sell exclusively through her within that neighborhood! We also got a reasonable offer from the fashion store, so now we have the riches of choice!!
designed at RISD by Robert Wells